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matsunomidori*** Exclusive Sake Only at Sushi Twister – From Kyoto, Japan

Matsuno Midori —– Junmai Daiginjo
Rice, Water, Koji and Human Spirit. Nothing but the best sake since 1677
Introductory Offer $19.50 reg $22.50


Sushi Twister Premium Sake

Sushi Twister Presents to you Some of the World’s Finest Sake

House Sake (Your Choice Hot or Cold)
Small (4oz) $3.50
Large (8oz) $5.98

Premium House Sake

Kurosawa (rich, nutty, slightly sweet)
(Your Choice Hot or Cold)
Small (4oz) $5.00
Large (8oz) $10.00

** New Style
Add Lychee for 1.00 with any sake !!

Premium Sake List

Classic, Rich, Full Bodied Sake

Otokoyama / Man’s Mountain (Junmai)
$6 glass / $11 carafe / $68 (1.8L) btl.
Perfect balance of rice and water, dry

Kurosawa / Black River (Junmai)
$5 glass / $10 carafe / $55 (1.8L) btl.
Rich, nutty, slightly sweet

Small Bottle Selection

Hakushika Junmai Nama $7.00 (180ml)
Made by a brief aging period and pasteurization right before bottling.
Fresh and Light. Refreshingly cool aroma and mild taste.

Katana / Samurai Sword (Junmai Ginjo) $11.50 (180ml)
Sper Dry, Medium rich texture with good acid structure.
Clean and crystal clear finis.

Sennenju (Junmai Daiginjo) $17.50 (300ml)
Fruity in fragrance. Delightfully rich body and smooth taste.

Dewazakura Oka (Ginjo) $21.00 (300ml)
Floral rather than fruity. Fragrance of pear and melon. Soft feeling of tongue.

Drassai 39 / (Junmai Daiginjo) $29.00 (300ml)
The rice was milled down to 39%
Light and balanced with light fruit flavors and mild acidity

Sake Cocktail

Sake Bomb $3.85
Let’s party! Ultimate combination of a shot of sake & beer

Uni Shooter $4.85
Oyster Shooter $3.85
Lychee Shooter $3.50

Milky & Cloudy | Nigori

Crème Nigori $11.50 (12.5oz)btl.
Unfiltered Sake
Very Cloudy, creamy, very sweet.

Flavored Sake “Hana”

(Fuji, Apple or Raspberry)
Glass $3, Tokkuri Carafe $8, Bottle (750) $21

Sparkling Sake Banzai Bunny

Blueberry Flavor
$16.00 btl (11oz)

Sparkling Shochu

Can Chu-Hi
Grapefruit / White Peach
$5.50 bottle (12oz)

Draft Beer

Regular Glass (16oz) $3,50
Large Glass (24 oz) $5.00
Pitcher $11.50

Regular Glass (12oz) $5.00
Large Glass (24oz) $6.50
Pitcher $14.00


White Wine Glass / Bottle

Plum Wine
Plum Wine $3.50 glass
Plum Champagne $3.80 glass

White Wine Glass / Bottle
House Pinot Grigio $3.85 / $14.00
House Chardonnay $4.50 / $17.00

Red Wine
House Cabernet Sauvignon $3.50 / $13.00
House Merlot $4.50 / $17.00


Soda $2.00
Coke/ Diet Coke/ Sprite/ Raspberry Iced Tea/ Un sweet Ice Tea / Lemonade

Ice Green Tea (Can) $1.98

Oolong Tea ( Can) $1.98

Bottled Water $1.65

Kid’s Juice 99¢
(apple, orange)