Lunch Menu

1. Teriyaki Bowl -Chicken $4.98 Beef (NY) $6.95
(Include Miso soup)

Includes house salad & miso soup

2. Chicken Lunch Special $6.25
Teriyaki chicken, California roll (4pcs)

3. Beef Lunch Special $8.50
6oz New York Steak with Teriyaki, California Roll (4pcs)

4. Tempura Lunch Special $6.95
Tempura (3pcs Shrimps/ 5pcs Vegetables), California Roll (4pcs)

5. Grilled Salmon Lunch Special $8.50
Sushi Quality Atlantic King Salmon with Teriyaki, California Roll (4pcs)

6. Twister’s Lunch Special $8.95
Choice of two kinds from Chicken, Beef, Tempura, or Salmon. Comes with California Roll (4 pcs)

Sushi Lunch (Include Miso soup)

7. Twister’s Seafood Poki Bowl $8.38
Variety of seafood, onion slice & seaweed salad marinated in poki style

8. Trio Sushi Bowl $7.95
Yum Yum Scallops, Fresh Salmon & Spicy Tuna on bed of rice

9. 3 Jumbo Hand Rolls $7.95
Your Choice of 3 Kinds of Hand Rolls

10. Sushi Lunch $9.75
5pcs Nigiri Sushi by Chef’s Choice and California Roll (8pcs)
*Spicy Tuna Roll (8pcs) is available with $1.00 more.

Miso Soup is not included for TO-GO orders.